• World’s Best Compressor brand – Embraco/Danfoss
  • World’s Best Fan Motor Brand -EBM
  • Copper Fin Type Evaporator
  • Copper Fin Type Condenser
  • LED Light in Each Shelve
  • With Night Curtain
  • Automatic Defrost and Automatic Drain Water
  • Adjustable shelves with Price Label
  • Available in variant sizes and color options
  • Super-Size Straight Line Island Freezer
  • Exterior Material: White Pre-Coated Steel, Interior White Prepainted Aluminum Sheet
  • Top Curved Sliding Glass Lid with Low-e Film
  • Automatic Hot Gas Defrost
  • Condensing with Fan
  • High Quality Danfoss Compressor
  • Italian Brand Eliwell/dixell Digital Thermostat
  • Interior Led Light
  • Full Basket with Dividers
  • Front Side Protection Pole
  • Adjustable Feet


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